Melodic Death Metal

The band

From left to right: Dennis - Drums, Klaas - Guitar, Kristian - Bass, Eike - Vocals, Frank - Guitar


After founding the band in May 2014 the first gigs in the region eastfrisia followed in summer 2015, including the support of the German metal band “Hyrax” and a show at the “Ear-Terror-Festival” in Emden. December 2015 saw the release of the 3 months prior recorded EP “Somnium”. It was recorded and mixed in the Soundlodge-Studios by Jörg Uken who also captured the concept album “Of Fate And Sanity” (53. Min., 10 tracks) in May 2016. The album concept deals with a protagonist in a persistent vegetative state, the resulting problems and the battle against death and was released 02/06/2017.

After the songs from "Of Fate And Sanity" could be presented on many stages, the band dedicated itself again specifically to the songwriting for the second album starting 2019. The year 2020 allowed the band to unexpectedly spend more time to complete the song material, so that the new album "Edge Of Desolation" could be recorded in March 2021 - like its predecessors, by Jörg Uken in the Soundlodge studio and released 03/09/21 via Kernkraftritter Records.


"Somnium" EP (2015)

01. The Awakening

02. Mental Prison

03. Deranged


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studio in september 2015. Released december 2015, available in our Webshop.

"Of Fate And Sanity" Album (2017)

01. Iter Initium

02. The Awakening

03. Mental Prison

04. Masked Insanity

05. Days Before The Black

06. Deranged

07. Iter Ex Umbra

08. The Watchmaker

09. Leaking Hourglass

10. A Taste Of Lethe


Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studio in may 2016.

Release 02/06/2017 via Boersma-Records.

The cover and artwork relate to the concept behind the whole album which tells a story about a protagonist in a persistent vegetative state who tries to find out who and where he is while dealing with his past, present and possible future. Every song takes the listener and reader to another level of his battles, developing the full image of his person and the resulting struggles.


Background of the particular songs:


The Awakening: The protagonist becomes conscious but can’t remember anything and wonders what is happening around him.
„I´m waking up into the darkness, without memories of my past, filled with fear, surrounded by silence”


Mental Prison: He perceives his body more and more, can neither move nor speak and slowly begins to realize where he is.
„More and more the drapery falls. The fog is clearing up”


Masked Insanity: He notices impacts which he cannot control and defend. His psyche plays tricks on him, his body still doesn’t react and he finds out why.
„A thin line is etching on my skin, someone starts to cut my throat. Seeking for redemption but my prayers won´t be heard”


Days Before The Black: This song is about the memories of the time directly before the events which led to his present situation. Slowly we learn more about his character.
„Collecting the pictures of forgotten memories, unscrambling the segments of my yesterdays, revive the tales to clear up my sanity”


Deranged: We learn more about the incident which got the protagonist in this difficult situation.
„Crashing into a surface while water turns to stone, the ground and the sky switched positions”


The Watchmaker: This song is about the past life of the protagonist, deals with his family and various calamities while his desire to survive gives him hope.
„I’m not ready to leave this world, feel the warmth surrounding me. Can’t await to return to life, there is still some hope left”


Leaking Hourglass: The protagonist reflects about his future while his situation sharpens.
„The sand of my hourglass is running through my fingers. I’m trying in vain to keep it from falling”


A Taste Of Lethe: The battle of life and death reaches its final stage.
„The eleventh hour has just begun, I’m drawing close to completion. Wherever my path led, I’m near the exit”